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Can't wait to see all our Irish friends! 

❤️ ** band announcement ** ❤️

Dearest Moxies,

Well, after the best 16.5 years of our lives, we’ve made the difficult decision that it’s time to lovingly begin our goodbye as The Moxie Strings. 

This band has been half of our lives, the ENTIRETY of our adult lives, and well over a lifetime in band terms. It’s time to celebrate what an amazing ride it has been and look toward the future 😊 

It’s an incredible feat to say we made our living as career musicians and business owners. That’s a gift you all gave us year after year. You allowed us to live our dream lives. Words won’t ever truly express how you have shaped us as performers and people- we are forever humbled and grateful. ❤️ 

Though we are sad and already quite nostalgic, we know this is the right call. Now is the time for new adventures and continuing to savor our best friendship. (Diana still won’t say “best friends forever” but Ali is convinced she’ll come around 🤣) 

With a Billboard #1 under our belts and a tour in one of our favorite countries coming up 🇮🇪, the timing feels right. We’re goin’ out with a bang 😃💪🏼 

We will be playing select shows next year and will be sure to keep you all in the loop. (Let us know if you’d like to be one of them!) 
Our teacher hearts would never be able to stay out of the classroom, so we’ll likely be doing occasional residencies and clinics. 

It has been an absolutely joyous, thrilling, and rewarding ride. Let’s make it an EPIC closing chapter 😊😊🥰🥰 

We love you all so much, 
Al & Di

That’s a wrap on a very rewarding and fun fall tour! 🍁🧡
So many familiar faces, exciting audiences, and EXCELLENT students! Thank you everyone 

Photo by Tim Reilly

Photo by Tim Reilly

Michigan Irish where do we begin!? We’ve never felt more supported and celebrated than we did this weekend at our home fest. Thank you everyone for showing up in such amazing numbers for us and the amazing N. Muskegon students!