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Our hearts are with you all. We hope to be on stage bringing smiles to your faces as soon as we possibly can. Stay tuned for summer plans and re-schedule announcements. ❤️

The Moxies are missing their fans! We've begun hosting "Flashback Fridays" and "Make-You-Smile-Mondays," where we will be releasing memory videos and hysterical moments to keep morale up during this crazy time. Here are the first two installments! Check Facebook and Instagram at 12pmET on Fridays and Mondays 💚

We were LIVE on Facebook last week and cannot thank you all for your generosity!
You can watch the stream HERE! 

And we would graciously accept any help you could provide the band in this trying time. Love you all 💙 


Monday - 3/16 - 7pm EST

LIVE on Facebook and Instagram! 

Our busiest season has been cancelled. We'd love your help!  TIP THE BAND

We had a beautiful time in Ohio and Colorado the past few weeks! Wonderful teaching residencies in BEAUTIFUL venues!!